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Pineapple /PC 1Kg to 1.5Kg

Pineapple /PC 1Kg to 1.5Kg



Pineapple is satiating, diuretic, digestive and because it is an excellent source of vitamin C, it helps reduce  cholesterol . In addition, it has a slightly laxative effect, so it contributes to regulate the intestinal transit and prevents constipation.

It is also recommended in case of  hypertension  because it is rich in potassium and, instead, its sodium level is very low.

Also taking 1 glass of natural pineapple juice a day, before the main meal, helps to dissolve phytobezoar. Phytobezoar is a kind of ball that can form in the stomach after a gastrointestinal operation.

This ball is formed mainly from the fibers, peels and seeds of fruits and vegetables ingested, and the problem is further aggravated when the patient does not chew properly the food or when his fiber consumption is excessive.

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